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Miniatures: Diamonds in the Rough

Miniature art has existed as a genre of painting for over 1000 years in religious, portrait and landscape art works. Now, artists also use abstraction as their source of imagery.

Two requirements for miniature paintings are 1) their size: (no more than 25 and 2) they must express some unusual and/or exquisite detail.


My miniatures are slightly different in one respect; they each started out as part of a larger painting. Although the painting they were a part of had fallen short, there were in it occasionally some little sections that were quite exquisite - 'diamonds in the rough' - waiting to be discovered.


These ‘discoveries' – 'miniatures’ - can be viewed below.

Image size is 3x 4.5” / 7.62 x 11.5 cm.  

They are sold matted or framed (9 x 11” / 23.8 x 28 cm). 



Miniatures - Cool Palette

Miniatures - Neutral Palette

Miniatures - Metalic Palette

Miniatures - Warm Palette

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