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Fullmer Gallery

Robin Fullmer  |  Steve Fullmer

Over 30 years ago Steve and Robin established the Fullmer Gallery ( in Tasman, New Zealand; located on the South Island between Nelson and Abel Tasman Park. The Fullmer Gallery features Steve’s pottery and also shows works by New Zealand and international artists. I am very honoured that Steve and Robin have chosen to exhibit my work on an ongoing basis.

Steve & Robin Fullmer

Steve is the winner of many national ceramic awards for his astonishing original and unusual pieces; his domestic wares carry the unmistakable Fullmer stamp of his spirited and witty humour, ghostly faces, hints of the mysteries of outer space, and the weird and the whimsical. Steve fires his work onsite in large electric and (occasionally) wood-fired kilns. He makes rich, lustrous glazes, and his observations of life on coastal New Zealand constantly generate an abundance of ideas.


Robin is the well-loved curator and manager of the very successful Fullmer Gallery; her wit, good humour, wisdom and insight make the gallery a joyful place to visit.

Pieces in the Fullmer Gallery for sale

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