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"Design is intelligence made visible" 

 Design Consultation

The interesting part for me in this quotation is whose intelligence are we talking about?

Are we talking about the designer? the client? the viewer/user? or a combination of all three? How we answer this question will eventually dictate which design criteria need to be defined and resolved to guide us through the process. The most important component in any design process is the understanding and definition of the Problem Statement.

To help smaller sized firms review, evaluate and define the visual and performance requirements inherent in their design problem, I offer the following services:

  • Inventory and analysis of your current design practices.

  • Review and definition of what research and analysis need to be done.

  • Help in the formulation and final definition of your problem statement.

  • Review of your project brief before it goes out for tender.

  • Recommendation of designers best suited to delivering good outcomes.

  • Review and evaluation of their proposal submissions.


I would also provide any further advisory and/or evaluation roles that might be helpful as your design process unfolds.


Please contact us if you have any questions about design consultation, the artwork, purchasing, shipping, etc.


Home     416 604-7070

Cell         647 530-4010


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